Allergy Season is on the Way. Here’s How to Prepare Your Home.

Spring is upon us and that means allergies are also just around the corner. With warm weather and sunshine comes pollen, grass and other seasonal allergens that can make life unbearable. Getting your home ready for allergies means less time spent in bed, fighting off a headache.

The biggest factor that will impact your spring allergies at home is air quality. Even the best filtration system won't do any good if you unintentionally contaminate your space. Follow these suggestions to make your home allergy-friendly, reduce irritation and breathe easier this spring.

Pay Close Attention to your Clothes

Laundry holds more than just spare change and mysteriously unmatched socks. Pollen adheres to fabric and is carried indoors, so you should always change as soon as you come inside. Also be sure to only use a dryer, not a clothesline, when drying your clothes. If you hang them out to dry, they'll not only gather pollen and other allergens through the air, but they’ll bring all of that back right back into your home — which is not something any homeowner wants.

Prevent your Pets from Spreading Allergies

Use some pet wipes to clean your dogs and cats after they've been outdoors. If you let your animals lounge on your furniture, designate some pieces as off-limits and use pet covers to keep dander, pollen and other allergen exposure to a minimum.

Invest in some allergen-neutralizing shampoos as well so you can eliminate dander and thoroughly clean your dog's coat the next time you give them a bath.

Make sure that you vacuum frequently as well. Use a HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Arresting) device vacuum that can suck up even the finest particles. Your walls, curtains and even your pet can benefit from a good vacuuming every couple of days.

Switch your Linens

You should wash and change your bedding every two weeks, but swapping your sheets and pillows out for hypoallergenic ones is another way to tackle allergies this spring. Allergy-free bedding comes in a variety of sizes and can ensure that your mattress and pillows don't hold any irritants.

Before you go to bed, you should take a shower to make sure you've thoroughly washed off any pollen, or other allergens, that cling to your skin and get trapped in your hair throughout the day. If you don't wash frequently in the spring, even changing your clothes won't stop your body from carrying allergens into the home and spreading them onto furniture.

Use the AC

Although it's nice to let some sunlight and soft breeze into your home, opening windows gives pollen particles free access to your house. Shut the windows tight and keep doors closed as much as possible. Use your air conditioner or a ventilating fan to cool rooms.

Make sure you get your air conditioner tune-up before you turn it on this season. The filter should be thoroughly cleaned and replaced if needed to prevent dirt, dust and other allergens from being pushed into your home.

to your respiratory tract. "You can humidify yourself without humidifying your home," he says.

Prep your Home Before the Allergies Emerge

Spring is still a little ways off. Before it's in full swing, get your HVAC system checked out and your air filter cleaned so you can breathe easy all season long.

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