The Most Effective Ways to Stay Warm for Less

Sometimes, it can seem like an impossible task to stay warm all winter long. Of course, you could rely on the power of your central heating unit — but that might drive your energy bills up a tad, which is never a pleasant sight for any homeowner. If you’re tired of staying cold and are looking for ways to lower that staggering, monthly cost, then here are some great ways to keep toasty on a budget:

Insulate Doors and Windows

Every time the wind happens to blow outside of your home, do you feel a breeze creeping inside? If so, that’s a tell-tale sign that you’ll need to do some insulation work — but where should you begin? It’s simple, actually, because you’ll want to start by checking:

  • Any door that leads outside.

  • Windows, new and old.

Once you examine every nook and cranny of these locations and notice that some of them are letting gusts of cold air in, you’ll want to jot them down and head to your local home improvement store to pick up some insulation products.

From weather stripping to silicone sealant, you’ll have many options for stopping that cold air from creeping into your home. In addition to getting rid of chilly gusts of wind, they’ll also help lower your energy bills since you’ll have to use your heater less!

Accessories are Important

When you walk around your home, what do you usually wear on your day off? For most, it might be a pair of shorts and a band t-shirt, or it could be a full set of pajamas — but what about wearing a pair of wool socks and a knit hat? Although this might seem rather strange to do, it will actually be the perfect way to keep you warm all winter long.

Think about it like this: if you happen to have hardwood floors in your home, then walking around with bare feet will be a surefire way to throw off your body temperature — which is never pleasant when you’re looking to keep as warm as possible. In addition to bare feet, a bare head will also be another way that your body temperature can be thrown off completely.

To combat the cold, you’ll want to wear a thick pair of socks and a hat. In a matter of minutes, your body temperature will begin to regulate, and you’ll feel as warm as can be. As an added bonus, you can even drink a cup of coffee or tea to help increase your warmth, too!

Stay Active

When you rang in the new year, did you happen to have a resolution that you were planning to stick to? For most, it might have been going back to the gym — and that’s one of the best ways to stay warm! Certainly, you don’t have to actually go to a fitness center to stay active, but you can do simple exercises in your home to keep nice and warm.

Before you decide to purchase a full set of dumbbells and exercise equipment, you can do some light cardio in your home by viewing some exercises online — but just be careful and don’t go too hard, since a little bit of exercise goes a long way! Another great way to stay warm? Bundle up in your winter best and go for a walk around your neighborhood. This will not only be the perfect way to stay active, but you’ll instantly feel much warmer once you walk inside.

Still Looking to Keep Warm?

If you’re trying some of these methods and are using your heater less, but still notice an increase in your energy bills, then it’s time to schedule a heating repair appointment with the professionals at Griffin Mechanical, LLC.

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