Benefits of a Ductless AC

Let’s say you live in a century-old Craftsman. You want central air, but you don’t want to compromise the home’s historical integrity with a big, disruptive retrofit for the ductwork. Enter the ductless mini-split. This system provides powerful cooling comfort without an invasive installation.

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of going ductless.

An Easy System to Install

Mini-splits are comprised of two units: the compressor/condenser and the air handler. The former goes outside while the latter is mounted flush against an interior wall. A conduit containing the electrical wiring and the condensate and refrigerant lines connects the indoor unit to the outdoor unit through a three-inch hole.

Though it will require a professional HVAC technician, this configuration makes installation a comparative breeze.

Another advantage is that the outdoor compressor/condenser can be connected from as far as 50 feet away, allowing you to place this unit in a discreet location when the room being cooled faces the street. Of course, there must be sufficient space for the outdoor unit’s vent.

Flexibility in Interior Design

The air handler can be mounted in various ways; flush against a drop ceiling or above a window. It can even hang from the ceiling. As long as you can easily reach the filters and other important components, a ductless system gives you flexibility when designing the room’s interior.

Variety of Applications

Mini-splits are not just for homes without ductwork. Some homeowners like to use their ductless system to complement their existing ducted unit. This makes sense when you can extend the ductwork to a finished basement or attic. Ductless units are also a popular option for detached buildings, such as an in-law suite or garage.

Energy Efficiency

Ducted ACs will always be inefficient to some degree since the ducts, even when they’re well-sealed, will leak air. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, over 30% of all HVAC energy consumption is lost through the ductwork. Mini-splits avoid this problem by bypassing the ducts, delivering targeted comfort directly from the source.

Zoned Comfort

A major selling point with ductless systems is the ability to create different temperature zones in the home without the need for ducts or dampers. One condenser/compressor can power up to four air handlers, which means you can individually cool up to four rooms. Zoning is highly recommended because everyone has different temperature preferences, and because one side of the home will become warmer as the position of the sun changes.

Zoning is simple with a mini-split; each air handler comes with its own programmable thermostat. There are even smart thermostats that can provide micro-adjustments as the AC runs, providing more savings.

Lower Energy Bills

Mini-splits being energy-efficient, it’s only natural that you’ll see a decrease in your utility bill. The results will be even more significant if you purchase a system with an inverter compressor. Rather than letting the AC shut off, only to expend a great deal of energy switching back on, an inverter compressor causes the AC to idle until the temperature rises again.

Another thing to consider is how many mini-splits come with the EPA’s ENERGY STAR certification, making them eligible for rebates from local utility companies.


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