7 Ways to Save Energy While Staying Home

It’s easy to save on electricity when you’re not home, but home is where we’re spending the majority of our time these days. That makes curbing our electrical usage exponentially more difficult.

However, there are ways to lower your energy consumption while sheltering in place in Nashville. Follow these tips to cut your utility bills during the lockdown. This is especially important for families that are tightening their belts financially to deal with income reductions during this difficult time.

Take Shorter Showers

Reducing the length of your daily showers can add up to significant savings on your water usage and your electric or gas bill. This is especially true for homes with tank-style water heaters. You can also turn down the temperature of your water heater to 120 degrees to save on the energy costs of operating this appliance.

Upgrade to LED Lighting

Incandescent bulbs cost much more to operate than comparable LED or fluorescent lights. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, LED lighting uses about one-fourth of the energy expended by incandescent light bulbs while lasting up to 25 times longer.

Check Your Thermostat

This is the time of year where you might be running your AC during the day and your heater at night. If you do this, however, make sure that you keep your thermostat set for maximum energy efficiency. Setting your air conditioning to 74 degrees and your heating to 68 degrees will typically result in reasonable comfort indoors while keeping your heating and cooling bills lower throughout the year.

Close Your Blinds

Closing your window blinds can keep the sun from heating up your indoor spaces during warmer days while reducing heat loss during chilly nights. Your blinds serve as an added barrier between your indoor air and the hotter or cooler temperatures outside. This can help you to keep your utility bills lower while ensuring optimal comfort.

Unplug Unused Electronics

One of the easiest and most painless ways to lower your energy costs while sheltering in place is to unplug devices when they are not in use. For computers and other high-end electronics, using a power strip equipped with a surge protector will perform double duty:

  • Your power strip will allow you to turn off all your connected devices with one flip of the switch. This will prevent them from draining power while they are not in use.

  • A surge protector will prevent damage to your electronics that would be caused by a sudden power surge or electrical overload.

If you do not have access to a power strip with a surge protector, unplugging your electronics when they are not in use is the next best thing.

Consolidate Laundry and Dishes

Making sure you have a full load of laundry before washing your clothes will conserve water and energy. The same principle applies when using your dryer and running the dishwasher. Consolidating loads minimizes the number of times you need to operate these appliances.

Replace Your Air Filters

Replacing your air filters is one of the best ways to boost the efficiency of your heating and cooling system. This can cut down on the cost of operating your furnace and air conditioning unit to lower your overall expenses while you and your family are spending more time at home.

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