New Ductwork for Chick-Fil-A in Franklin, TN

Project: New Ductwork and HVAC system
Location: Franklin, TN

New Ductwork for Chick-Fil-A

One of the Franklin Chick-Fil-A’s needed a ductwork and A/C renovation. But here’s the catch: it needed to stay open.This meant we had to work nights and Sundays to get the work done in a way that wouldn’t interrupt their normal hours of operation.

Part of the challenge was installing all of the new ventilation and HVAC equipment while the existing materials were still functioning. This meant a lot of careful planning, and difficult working conditions for Griffin.

Griffin’s Renovation included new ductwork in the kitchen, new HVAC and ventilation units, as well as new controllers.

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Griffin Kept the Kitchen Staff and Guests Cool and Safe

Commercial kitchen ventilation is serious business. With grills and fryers going nonstop, the amount of heat generated in a fast-food kitchen is extremely tough to handle. Kitchen heat not only affects employees at their stations, but everyone in the building, including guests.

Most buildings require combining the kitchen exhaust systems with the building’s HVAC systems to control these massive heat sources. Combine that with our hot Tennessee summer days, and what you end up needing is industrial strength cooling units.

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