Kix Brooks Studio's Unique Renovation Considerations

Project: Cumulus Media, Kix Brooks Studio
Location: Nashville, TN

Culumus Media and The Kix Brooks Studio

Home to a great country radio station, Kix Brooks Studio is located in the heart of Nashville. This station is in continual operation as radio never goes off the air. This means all maintenance and renovations have to work around the station’s busy schedule.

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Renovations for the Studio

Renovations were needed for the radio station. The studio wanted to build out its space, but many considerations had to be made. Sound is extremely important in a radio/television studio. Griffin Mechanical was able to create a unique plan that compensated for the acoustical requirements. It was great coming up with creative solutions for Kix Brooks Studio!

Griffin Mechanical will always strive to create plans for your building that fit your exact needs.

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