Simple Home Heating Mistakes Homeowners Make All the Time

You probably agree that every dollar you can save is a dollar you earn, but this saying is a double-edged sword. If your choices are preventing you from saving money, you’re throwing away money that should be in your pocket! With the winter season coming around and with the knowledge that about 34% of the average household utility budget goes toward space heating in Tennessee, we wanted to alert you of some simple ways homeowners throw away money! Here are the most common home heating mistakes and how you can fix them and lower your utility bills!


There is a lot of expertise and technology that goes into your HVAC systems. It may not seem like it, but the machines you rely on to heat and cool your home are highly specific and specialized for your home’s needs. One of the main ways your unit is matched to your home is through the size and the output of the unit. If your system was installed correctly, it would be able to push treated air around your home efficiently and effectively.

This is where airflow comes in. Many homeowners mistakenly believe that limiting and constricting airflow can have some benefits. It’s counterintuitive, but blocking airflow into an unused room does not mean that the energy will heat up the rest of your home more quickly,

on the contrary, it only causes more problems.

Blocking airflow creates pressure imbalances that your ductwork may have trouble handling. Additionally, temperature imbalances can cause pressure issues within your home. Your system is designed to heat your entire home. Let it do its job!

Don’t Ignore the Draft

No, this isn’t advice for your favorite sports team. In this case, we mean draft as in those pesky air leaks that cause the wind to rush into your home. A lot of times, homeowners notice a draft and don’t do anything about it. These things aren’t always consistent. It may only get drafty at night or when it’s windy outside. When you finally notice them, the draft has already done a lot of damage to your home’s energy efficiency! Insulate, seal, and repair any drafts you notice. It’s much better to recognize them now rather than figure it out from your increased heating bill!

Don’t Be Dumb, Get a Smart Thermostat

If you have a standard, non-programmable, non-wifi-enabled thermostat, you’re behind the times. It’s your home’s version of frosted tips. Maybe they were cool at some point, but we’ve moved on to better things.

With a smart thermostat, you’ll be able to set a programmable schedule that will work for you. You should also be able to set your thermostat to make smart decisions for your HVAC units without you needing to do anything at all. This is a real benefit and a great investment overall that will pay for itself in about a year.

Make Sure Your Air Quality is Good

Our last tip is to remember your indoor air quality. Homeowners often neglect to change out their old filters from month to month. This is necessary for great airflow and to ensure the air you are breathing is clean, healthy, and comfortable. The quality of your home’s air is just as much a part of your HVAC system as the temperature!

Turn to the Experts

If you’ve tried out some of these tips and your heating bill is still sky-high, the team at Griffin Mechanical, LLC can lend a hand. You may need to replace or repair your system to fully take advantage of your new great habits as a homeowner. To schedule your consultation, call (615) 502-3030 today.