Tips on How to Keep Your Home Comfortable on Thanksgiving

One of the biggest holidays across the country happens to be Thanksgiving! And while the big day is celebrated with family, friends, good food, and laughter, there’s also room for one usually unexpected detail: heat. Now, we’re not talking about a summer heatwave outdoors, but one inside of your home. After all, with all of that cooking, and the extra guests in attendance, it could get rather stuffy and uncomfortable, quick.

To keep your home as comfortable as can be, here are some ways to regulate the temperature:

Ways to Keep Your Home Comfortable

If You Have a Ceiling Fan, Use It!

Whether it’s an area that you’re having dinner or your guests will be lounging around in, if your home gets a tad too warm and a ceiling fan is present, turn it on! Just like using it on the hottest days of the summer, a fan will help when spinning in a counterclockwise direction! Doing this will help push cool air around and make a stuffy room much more enjoyable to sit and unwind in.

Of course, if you’re looking to circulate the warmth in a room, simply turn your fan on in a clockwise motion. This will help evenly distribute any heat that’s coming from your HVAC unit in a pleasant, refreshing manner.

Try to Cook Outside of Your Kitchen!

Just because the summer heat has disappeared, doesn’t mean you can’t continue to cook outside! Whether you’re making a few side dishes or looking to deep-fry a turkey, utilizing the great outdoors is the perfect way to help keep your home comfortable.

Think about it: When you have the stove and oven turned on, the extra heat will quickly contribute to making your home stuffy and uncomfortable. By cooking outside, any heat being emitted from these culinary necessities will disperse into thin air without being trapped inside of your home — it’s that simple (and enjoyable)!

Opening a Window, or Two, Will Help!

You might have seen this one coming, but opening the windows is another great way to help cool down your home and improve your air quality, too. Especially if the place where your guests are gathering becomes stuffy, propping open a window will let cool, fresh air in and make the room feel much more refreshed.

While on the topic of propping open a window, if there is another one that is adjacent, open that up, too. This will help create cross-ventilation, cooling down the area much faster. And, of course, the minute you feel as if the room is getting too cold, either shut one window or both of them and resume the festivities.

A Programmable Thermostat Makes a Difference!

When the Thanksgiving celebrations kick into high gear, the last thing on your mind will be your thermostat. However, if you have a programmable version of this essential tool, then it can make matters much easier.

In fact, a smart thermostat (another term for the device) will be able to efficiently heat/cool your home from the convenience of a smartphone or tablet. Additionally, many programmable thermostats will send notifications to your smart device, alerting you if there’s something wrong with your HVAC unit (i.e., needs a repair).

So, when you’re running around on the big day, you’ll be able to lower the temperature with the touch of a finger — no matter where you are in the house (another “task” to take off of your to-do list!).

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