Remodeling Projects at Middle Tennessee's Kroger

Project: Kroger remodeling
Location: Middle Tennessee, Tennessee

Multi-phase Remodeling

Attempting remodeling projects while a store is still open for business can be difficult to accomplish. Griffin Mechanical continually works on these projects as we understand the importance of renovating while keeping up with business!

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The Kroger Grocery store in Middle Tennessee, Tennessee needed some repairs and upgrades. Scheduling the job was no simple task as the store is open for eighteen hours a day, seven days a week. The owner decided to remodel in multiple phases to accommodate customers and long store hours. Griffin Mechanical was able to perform almost all of the work at night.

We renovated some of the current ductwork at the store. We also added new ductwork, plumbing, gas piping, air distribution, and refrigeration. We were able to complete all our work on time and surpassed the owner’s expectations!

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