New Construction Job for Hobby Lobby

Project: New Construction of Hobby Lobby Store
Location: Middle Tennessee, TN

New Construction Jobs

At Griffin Mechanical, we love working on new construction projects. It’s nice to help the owner decide how best to plan their space and create an appropriate HVAC and ductwork plan that fits their goals. This is where our creativity and ability to adapt to various ideas can really shine!

Hobby Lobby’s New Location

Hobby Lobby decided to open a new store in Middle Tennessee, Tennessee. Working on a big box retail space requires many considerations. The building’s HVAC system must work with high ceilings, crowds of people, doors constantly opening and closing, and more.

We planned out the best HVAC system and ductwork for the new Hobby Lobby’s space. We then installed the all new HVAC system, ductwork, and gas piping.