Reasons Why a Central AC Stops Working

Picture this: it’s a hot summer day, and the temperature inside of your home feels like the middle of a desert. Desperate for a cool breeze, you turn on your central air conditioner only to find that it’s not working. While a central air conditioner is a feature in your home that you might suspect wouldn’t break, it can stop working when you least expect it. But before you deem that your unit is broken beyond repair, here are some details to weigh out first.

The Filter Needs to be Replaced

When was the last time you replaced your unit’s filter? Just like getting an oil change for your car, it’s essential to change out this important detail from time to time, regularly. Think of this important detail in your unit as one of those water pitchers with a filter in it. If there’s a blockage in the water pitcher’s filter, then it will be rather challenging to have an excellent, clean supply of drinking water — and the same concept applies to your HVAC filter. If your unit’s filter is bogged down, then it will make it extremely difficult for the system to transport air and keep your home cool.

To eliminate a problem from happening, it’s important to remember that HVAC filters must be changed after approximately two months. This will not only keep your unit in the clear, but it will make it work much more efficiently, keeping it up and running all season long. Now, if your filter isn’t the source of the problem, then it’s time to look at your system’s “expiration date.”

Your System is Due for Retirement

Do you recall when you had your central AC installed in your home? This is truly one of the essential pieces of information to know since it can give you an insight of when you should be looking into a potential upgrade. In the same light as purchasing a pre-owned vehicle, it’s essential to know how many miles are on it and how long it will hold out; the same applies to your central AC. Granted, your AC won’t be pre-owned, but you should know just about how long ago you purchased it and how much longer you may have with it.

On average, central air conditioners last anywhere from a minimum of 12 years to a maximum of 15 years — and that’s with regular maintenance and upkeep that will help your AC run in tip-top shape. Now, if you’ve neglected to schedule a maintenance appointment or have ignored the warning signs of your unit needing a repair, then that lifespan could be cut much shorter; your unit will gradually lag in performance until its very “last breath” of cold air.

The Thermostat Might be Broken or Placed in the Wrong Spot

Ah, the thermostat! Known to be the brain of your unit, this essential piece to the puzzle will help make your home cooler than an igloo on the hottest of days. Now, if your home’s thermostat has seen better days, then it might be causing your HVAC unit to go into overdrive — especially when you least expect it. Nowadays, the best alternative to a thermostat replacement is to invest in a smart thermostat — which can be controlled from the palm of your hand (thanks to a smartphone).

Now, if your thermostat is relatively new but doesn’t operate the way it should, then it may be placed in the wrong spot of your home. Typically, when this temperature-controlling device is installed, it should be placed in a location that’s away from all windows and doors that lead outside.

Doing this will help provide a much more accurate reading and will help your unit run much more efficiently. If your thermostat is in a ~strange~ spot, then it could be throwing off your system, making it produce the complete opposite of what you’re looking for in terms of performance.

While these are only a few of the many reasons as to why your central AC will stop working, it’s essential to schedule a repair appointment the minute you feel something is awry.

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