Plumbing & HVAC Service & Repair

Griffin Mechanical, LLC can diagnose and repair any issues you have with your heating and air, plumbing, and ventilation systems.

Our skilled technicians make their livings by quickly and efficiently repairing your home’s various systems, not by trying to sell you unneeded add-ons or by making unneccessary repairs. They respect your time and will treat your home or small business as their own.

Griffin Mechanical, LLC uses up-front pricing on all residential repairs. Homeowners can decide whether to make the repair, fix it themselves, or get other prices. We know we offer competitive pricing, so we encourage you to explore options. Customers who elect preventive maintenance contracts get preferred pricing (up to 13%) on all work performed.

Preventative Maintenance Plans

Regularly maintaining your home’s heating, cooling, and plumbing systems is a key way to ensure their efficiency, reliability, and that they remain in warranty.  Griffin Mechanical, LLC’s many customizable preventative maintenance plans are as varied as your needs, and each plan guarantees preferred pricing and prioritized service scheduling.

Energy Saving Services For Home And Small Business

Our technicians’ Thermographic (or Infrared) Inspections are a fast, simple way to determine where your home or small business is losing energy. A thermal imaging device is used to check your ductwork, floors, doors, and windows for potential cooling and heating loss, so recomendations for repairs can be made to maximize your energy and financial savings.

Click Here for more energy saving information from the Department of Energy.

We can also make a Building Energy Assessment for your pre-existing home or small business.  This low-cost investment will show you exactly where you can make immediate impacts on the energy consumption (and expenses) required to heat and cool your building.