HVAC System Installation, Service, And Repair

Photo of HVAC heating and air conditioning units

Since 2001, Griffin Mechanical has installed and serviced HVAC systems throughout Dickson, Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin and Middle Tennessee. If you need a new heating and air system installed, or need to have your existing system repaired, call us today!

New HVAC System Installation And Retrofits

Our familiarity with all makes and models of heating and air units makes us uniquely qualified to install your new HVAC system.  Our installers specialize in both new construction installations and replacement of old heating and air systems.

We also retrofit existing heating and air units to accomodate any additions you’ve made to your building or home.  Instead of purchasing a brand new unit, your old system may be able to work with your new spaces.

Heating and Air Unit Service And Repair

We offer full HVAC service and repair products for all systems.  We provide many repair services, including:

  • Duct sealing
  • Ventilation repair and installation
  • Thermostat replacement

We have a dedicated department of heating and air service technicians. Every year they undergo hours of training, evaluation, and certification. They are skilled on every brand and model of HVAC unit.

We also offer a twice yearly HVAC service program to make sure your heating and air unit is operating at peak efficiency no matter the weather.

HVAC Ductwork Installation

Ductwork is the backbone of your home’s heating and air system. Your home will not receive the airflow it needs without properly sized and installed ducts.  Our sheetmetal workers and duct installers rank among the best in the industry. They understand that quality ductwork is just as important as the heating and air unit itself.